More than just collect data, good market research should generate insights and inspire the decision-making process. Within this process, there are several subtleties which can only be captured by the most experienced researchers.



Our focus is to effectively dive into the customer’s business. Our goal is to help the decision-making process through the data analysis, customer and market information and strategic recommendations so as to minimize the most the risks involved.

Our Structure

  • Recruiting (On Line and Off Line).
  • Field (On Line and Off Line).
  • Moderation rooms (On Line and Off Line).
  • Data processing.
  • Statistic Model.
  • Support operational chain all over Brazil and Latin America.

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    Our Mission

    To exceed the customer’s expectations by delivering results that go beyond the research market standards levels, and by working with agility and efficiency in all process stages. We utilize innovative tools and strategic partnerships with extensively experienced professionals in research information analysis and recommendations based on detailed studies and market scenarios. Our customers are given differentiated and customized service and are serviced by technicians with technical expertise not only in the domestic market but also all over Latin America.



    This method enables the analysis of subjective questions which affect the consumer, looking into what and how they perceive, think, feel and relate to products, brands, etc. Qualitative research is aimed at understanding the scope and complexity of activities and concerns of the consumer and to get to know better the aspects that are not observed and measured in an objective way, studying the feelings, emotions, perceptions, thoughts, intentions, past behaviors, understanding reasons, meanings and motivations.

    Techniques employed (On line and Off line)

  • Focus Groups
  • Communities
  • Depth Interviews
  • Ethnographic Interviews (Experimental Experience)
  • Workshops
  • Quantitative

    Method based on measuring data, information about behavior, habits, attitudes, perceptions and evaluations of the consumer and a subsequent analysis of this data from a representative statistic sample of the universe. The main objective of the quantitative research is to measure the behavior, habits, opinions and evaluations of the consumer.

    Techniques employed

  • Home interviews
  • Probability home interviews
  • Intercept interview
  • Personal interview (On Line and Off Line)
  • Clinics
  • Telephone Research


    More than just collect data, good research should create insights to increase your knowledge about the market.
    BP Associados is the research workshop that offers customized service and differentiated analysis of the information to highlight the opinion of your target public and to become more objective to its decision making process. Professionals with extensive experience in research, allied to innovative tools offer detailed studies and rich analysis about consumers and markets all over Latin America.

    More Information And Inspiration To Your Company.


    A market intelligence professional with more than 25 years of experience in renowned domestic and multinational companies, having carried out and managed research and information; created strategies and marketing and communication actions. Extensive experience based on the main Research Institutes, with international acknowledgement: Research International, TNS, GFK Indicator and in big multinationals: Diageo, Reckitt Benkiser, Kimberly Clark and Phillips. Graduated in Social Science, with a Master Degree in Social Anthropology from USP - University of Sao Paulo – and University extension in Marketing from UCSC – University of California, Santa Cruz.